Launching soon: Special Needs Tutors, a virtual platform.

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Special Needs Tutors will provide an Intensive, intentional, individualized tutoring services creating a personalized intervention program”.

Benefits of us versus others in virtual world

i. 1 on 1 instruction

ii. Our tutors are only active state certified special needs teachers, never fill-ins

iii. we monitor students’ progress and make that available to you for free.

iv. We provide affordable stable pricing

v. can pull from a wide variety of expertise and specialties to meet your specifications.

We have also geared our program to start at 30 minutes sessions

i. The Benefits of a 30 minutes session

1. A sustained focus from child

2. Less anxiety because less pressure

3. Shorter duration of time

4. More flexibility in your day with online instruction.

What is the difference between virtual vs in person?

i. Safer

ii. Convenient

iii. No more wasting your time or money in transit

iv. individualized

v. money back guarantee

vi. accessible on any device from anywhere

vii. we can pull from a wide variety of expertise and specialties to meet your specifications.

viii. Students are more comfortable in their own environment.

ix. Quick , easier, cheaper, faster….

x. Can teach a child literally anywhere in the world.

What sets us apart

i. -We only hire state certified special needs teachers to tutor and support your child. This means, everyone is trained in special education, everyone has experience in a sped classroom, and are background checked.

ii. -We are a Live virtual platform which means that you can access us from anywhere, and any time, at your convenience.

iii. I have been proving this concept out for the last 2 years. It works and my students have made progress, goals are being made.

iv. -We specialize and focus specifically on the special needs community, in fact, we are only special needs focused which means you are our only goal and not an add on. And we like it that way.

v. -And we thoroughly monitor progress so you can track your child’s development.

We are starting with kindergarten through 6th grade, the upper grades will be following. Also, We are starting with reading, writing, math and homework help.

To sign up for updates and to be notified when about the timing of our launch, go to and remember that is the only virtual tutoring company that specializes exclusively in the special needs community.


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