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We are building the most comprehensive, free, review-based special needs network.


Welcome to SPED Advisors. SPED Advisors is the only free special education platform that seeks to connect members of the special need’s community with each other. This review-based special needs support system allows you to share and receive free resources, knowledge, awareness and experiences from people just like you.


We offer information regarding local businesses, tutors, professionals, schools, as well as free recipes, and items to buy/sell, both new and gently worn, just for the special needs community.


*For example, you might have a favorite therapist that has transformed your child’s life, wouldn’t you like to share that with others who can benefit from that kind of support system?


Or maybe you are facing new challenges as your family member gets older. Wouldn’t it be helpful to get free advice from those that have been there before you?


We (and that means you) at SPED advisors can provide reviews and usable comments to make an easy informed decision for your family member with special needs. No time spent searching the internet aimlessly, just come on over to SPED advisors.

  • Businesses

    A list of businesses specific to special needs in your community. Don’t see what you’re looking for, once you find it, add it to our site by clicking “add listing” located in the right-hand corner of each page.

  • Marketplace

    A list of new and used items related to special needs.

  • Recipes

    Recipes provided by you to help with various needs, impairments, and struggles. Post them here to share with your community.

  • Blog

    A place for the special needs community to read about the latest news in the industry.



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