May 26
Summer learning tips to prevent REGRESSION

Four easy tips from Dr Ginger Pillitteri that virtually anyone can do to prevent…

May 10
Feeding Therapy: basics and overview.

1. What is feeding therapy – 1:092. Who benefits from feeding therapy- 2:043.…

Mar 29
Having a NEW BABY?

How to help your special needs family member understand about the new baby.By…

May 03
Tips for a successful Special Needs Transition Process.

1. Tip #1- 1:56, Advocacy  2. Tip #2- 3:39, Interest Survey  3. Tip #3-…

Apr 14
ABA therapy, what is it?

What is ABA Therapy as explained by a board certified behavior analyst. Thank you…

Apr 08
Self-Management Strategies

Count backwards from 10 (it takes you out of your feeling brain into your thinking…

Apr 04
Helpful hints to teach your child at home.

Here are several steps to make your life easier while you homeschool your child.…

Mar 17
Social Story 2- When school is out

Due to the recent school closings, here is a social story to help calm fears.

Mar 08
What are social stories, why use them, and where to find them

Welcome, this is Ginger Pillitteri from Today we are looking at…

Feb 26
How to Help your Child Focus on Homework- part 2

Strategy: Using a Timer WHY use a timer: Using a timer can alleviate stress and…

Feb 16
Part 1: How to help your child focus on homework.

Part 1:  How to help your child focus on homework. Visual supports: What is…

Feb 08
Today I’m talking about Sensory Sensitivities, what it is and what strategies to use.

-Let’s start with what is a sensory sensitivity. -How aware an individual is in…

Feb 03
Welcome to Sped Advisors

My name is Ginger Pillitteri and I am a Dr. of Special Education. More importantly, I…